Paradigm Shift Investing

The Antiquated Approach

Do financial products, cookie cutter plans or proprietary investments get you the life you want? Perhaps, but with drawbacks and limitations.

A majority of other financial advisors will begin by having you fill out a risk questionnaire that assesses your comfort level with risk. Once this is complete, the advisor goes about investing your money according to the prescribed risk tolerance. The advisor may or may not complete a financial plan with you in this process. While many financial advisors exercise good due diligence, we think this old-school financial planning method breathes a classic product sales mindset. It leaves you underserved and may cause you to miss out.

Why do financial advisors start by investing your money first?
What drawbacks or limitations does this methodology create for you?
What important pieces of your information are missing in this equation?
Why should your have to pay money for a static financial plan that sits on a shelf?

Why settle for less? Our philosophy shifts clients away from this old paradigm.

What Is Paradigm Shift Investing?

We live in a world of opportunity. We believe abundance, prosperity and financial peace of mind are achievable when people have the knowledge and freedom to act and think differently.

We marry financial planning and investment management together with Paradigm Shift Investing.

Paradigm Shift Investing is analyzing a client’s financial situation first, then using what is discovered to build an active, living, breathing financial plan that serves as a guide to drive all current and future financial and investment decisions.

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