Losing a spouse or long-term partner can be heartbreaking, exhausting and overwhelming at times.  Even with the best of plans laid out, you may find yourself with new short-term responsibilities (like making funeral/burial preparations and paying medical bills), as well as countless other longer-term responsibilities. 

Knowing where to start, when it comes to your financial future, can feel especially daunting.  Importantly, you do not have to navigate this important and difficult time on your own!  

Walking with you Every Step of the Way

Walking with you Every Step of the Way

At PSI Capital Management, we are sensitive and thoughtfully equipped to help you help you navigate this chapter of life.  Whether your loved one is actively passing, recently passed or it has been a few years, we can help you at any stage.  

From setting up a new financial plan to assisting with paperwork to making sure you are receiving the benefits you are entitled to, you do NOT have to go through this alone.  

Together we will help you tackle financial decisions that need immediate attention, like:

  • Understanding your household's finances 
  • Understanding Social Security and death benefits
  • Navigating legal documents* and beneficiary designations
  • Establishing new goals and planning for the future
  • Maximizing your saving and investments  
  • Identifying risks/threats and reducing debt

Whether you are new to working with a financial advisor or just need a little trusted guidance at this time, we are here to guide you along the way and can help you gain the financial knowledge you need to experience peace of mind, as well as the ability to rest easier at night.  

Call us today (717) 207-7123 to set up a complimentary appointment to get you on the right path to financial freedom.

*We are not attorneys, so we do NOT render any legal advice or prepare any legal documents for the implementation of the Client’s Financial Plan.

Our Deepest Sympathy,

Our Deepest Sympathy,

May you always remember your loved one and the time you spent together!   May you forever hold the memories you share and the magic you made near and dear to your heart!  May their life shine in and through you until the end of time. 

Acheiving Financial Peace of Mind begins here!

Financial Planning<br/><br/>

Financial Planning

We provide tailored financial advice to each of our clients. In our comprehensive and holistic financial planning process, we explore all aspects of your financial picture and use what is discovered to build an active, living, breathing financial plan that guides all current and future financial and investment decisions.

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Investment Management

Investment Management

We provide customized investment management services for our clients. Using what we discovered in the financial planning process, we select investments that achieve the proper balance and diversification needed to meet their goals and objectives. We also monitoring and processing cash flows as necessary.

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Paradigm Shift Investing

Paradigm Shift Investing

We marry financial planning and investment management together with Paradigm Shift Investing, which is the process of analyzing a client’s financial situation first, then using what is discovered to build an active, living, breathing financial plan that serves as a guide to drive all current and future financial and investment decisions.

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