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Special Needs Planning

We work with families whose greatest concerns are preserving and expanding the quality of life for a loved one with a disability. We strive to guide our clients through a careful and compassionate decision-making process that helps them identify and clarify important aspects about their child’s future. We serve our clients so that their family members and loved ones can thrive.

What Is Special Needs Planning and Why Is It Important?

For parents of a child with special needs, day-to-day trials can be overwhelming. Sifting through the requirements of public benefits and managing finances, in conjunction with the day-to-day, can be even more difficult and distracting. Having someone in your corner to help you through this maze can drastically improve not only the life of your loved one, but every member of your family and community that provide care.

As an independent special needs financial planner we can help you:

  • Navigate the convoluted world of public benefits
  • Make sure there is enough money to meet your disabled loved one’s needs
  • Determine whether certain savings planning tools such as Special Needs Trusts, ABLE accounts, or gifting are right for your situation
  • Make sure any investments are managed properly and are truly for the benefit of the disabled loved one
  • Plan accordingly to make sure no other sibling is over-burdened financially in offering support

A pervasive emotion for many families caring for a loved one with a disability is to be discouraged. Do not be discouraged – there are many more resources and options at your disposal than you may realize – and we can help you through it all!

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