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You have a duty to make sure your Qualified Plan is of the highest quality and that it is cost effective and properly diversified.

Why expose your business to unnecessary risk when you don't have to.  Let us help!

*** We are an ERISA 3(21) and can act as an 3(38) Advisor when needed ***

We work with business owners and human resource professionals to serve as the Investment Advisor & Co-Fiduciary to your qualified plans.  

We help you fulfill your fiduciary responsibility to act solely in the best interest of your plan participants and beneficiaries.   

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How We Do It  |  Upholding ERISA rules is our collective duty! 

Most business owners and human resource professionals don’t have the time or expertise to meet all of the fiduciary requirements of their retirement plan.

As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we can help you fulfill your fiduciary duty and ensure that your current plan is performing well

  • We can serve as the investment advisor and co-fiduciary to your qualified plan
  • We can assist you with on-going plan management and administration
  • We can ensure the quality, cost effectiveness and proper diversification of the investment options within the plan
  • We can educate your employees

Highest Quality

<strong>Highest Quality</strong>

With due diligence, we may be able to improve the design and/or processes within your current plan:

Plan design and consulting

Help identify custodians, record keepers, and plan administrators

Coordinate with Third Party Administrator (TPA)

Employee education

Cost Effective

<strong>Cost Effective</strong>

Not withstanding the obvious, costs eat into performance, so minimizing costs maximizes gains.

Years of experience show us that often employee contributions and their employer's matching dollars get eroded because they go towards paying unnecessary broker commissions, along with unusually high administration and maintenance fees.

We help you understand your plan’s fees and options, and make sure every dollar saved is a dollar saved!

Properly Diversified

Unfortunately, all too often, Plan Sponsors think they are diversifying their fund line-up, when in fact they are not.  Most 401(k) plans have a limited investment options and normally, the fund line up includes options that are chosen to match an index, not to beat it.  Typically, qualified plans have a couple large cap and mid cap funds in them with very little diversification of bonds, and they almost never have sector specific options like utilities or healthcare.  There are different risks that apply to different types of bonds, and different sectors of the stock market behave behave very differently through economic cycles.  To have a portfolio that truly matches plan participants risk tolerances and financial objectives we must strike the right balance.

Diversifying the investments of the retirement plan help minimize the risk of large losses and take advantage of diversified gains. 

What We Achieve  | Save now and retire later

If you’re a small-business owner, you probably handle a lot of responsibilities – everything from writing business plans to overseeing the finances to business development.  Not surprisingly, the responsibility of funding your own retirement will likely rest on your own shoulders too.

If you’re a human resources professional responsible for overseeing the company’s retirement plan, you know an effective retirement plan that your employees understand can be a powerful tool for retaining quality employees and recruiting new talent.

When Was Your Retirement Plan Last Reviewed?

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