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We provide tailored financial advice to each of our clients. 

If you aim to build and preserve wealth, you must play defense, as well as offense. Many people think of building wealth only in terms of investing or financial products. They say, “If I invest money, I’ll make money… this is how I’ll become rich and be able to live the life I want!” or “If I buy this or that financial product, I’ll be safe and secure… and this is how I’ll achieve my hopes and dreams.”

While investing is important and financial products certainly help us to accomplish certain objectives, they are only a small part of the story. If you wish to experience abundance, prosperity and financial peace of mind, you must first take the time to think and plan carefully, and then take the necessary steps to implement a well designed wealth accumulation and wealth preservation strategy.

Financial Planning is part one of our
Paradigm Shift Investing process.

Paradigm Shift Investing is a process in which we marry financial planning and investment management together.  We do this because the two go hand in hand and are so closely intertwined.  To do one without the other would be like trying to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches without the peanut butter and jelly.

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What is Financial Planning?

"Financial Planning is a collaborative process that helps maximize a client's potential for meeting life goals through financial advice that integrates relevant elements of the client's personal and financial circumstance."

The Financial Planning process helps you achieve greater peace of mind and helps you avoid making emotional and perhaps destructive decisions when life throws you a curve ball or the market turns south.

How We Do It

Our #1 priority is always helping you take care of yourself and your family.  Through our comprehensive and holistic Financial Planning process, you will be better equipped to achieve your hopes, dreams and goals.  

Together, we explore all aspects of your financial picture and use what we discover to build an active, living, breathing financial plan that serves as your guide.  Having this solid and strong financial plan in place will equip you to make wise, informed and confident financial decisions now and in the future.

This lends it self to the next step in our Paradigm Shift Investing process, which is Investment Management. 

By identifying your needs and risk tolerance during the financial planning process, we can ensure that the money we manage for you, as well as your retirement account(s) at work are all singing to the same sheet of music.. Thus, allowing you to accomplish your hopes, dreams and goals over time. 

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Investment Management is the final step
in our Paradigm Shift Investing process.

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