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Financial Plans – Ever a “Work in Progress”

February 04, 2022

At PSI, we do a great deal of financial planning work for our clients. Clients are often surprised that planning is not a once and done exercise and are skeptical when we ask that they allow us to update their plans regularly. Financial plans should always be viewed as “works in progress” because our lives are, in fact, always works in progress.

Our lives and, as a result, our financial situations change constantly. Because of that, financial plans must be flexible, be living breathing things like us. Some of the worst financial planning messes I have been hired to fix have been ridged plans, full of expensive and complex financial products that are very difficult or very expensive to undo. Usually, these plans are developed by commissioned salespeople using planning as an “in” for product sales and usually the “planning” is free. Inevitably, circumstances change, and the plan is no longer workable, or people finally realize how expensive or bad the products really are.

At PSI we try very hard to build our clients flexible (liquid), workable financial plans that are adaptable to any change in their circumstances. We also pride ourselves in using the latest planning technology to be able to answer client’s “what if” questions. To us that is the true value in planning. Being able to answer clients’ questions quickly and confidently about whether a life change is a good idea financially. The greatest satisfaction I get as a financial planner is to share with clients that the can go ahead and pursue their dreams without worrying about running out of money.

If you or someone you know are worried about your current financial situation and would like us to take a look, let us know.  We are here for you.