By operating under a fee based investment management platform, we are able to enjoy and provide several distinct advantages to our clients:

Freedom to actively manage

Because there are no front or back end sales loads imposed within our fee based accounts, we are able to move in and out of positions without being “trapped” in a particular investment due to costs.

Freedom to buy the best

In fee based accounts we are able to purchase no load investments, and even purchase investments that would normally have a sales charge on a no load basis. This means that when we make a recommendation, it is based solely on our evaluation of quality and how we believe it will benefit our client, allowing us total objectivity in our investment selection.

Lower internal expenses

On average, the investments we purchase within fee based accounts generally have lower internal expenses than commission based alternatives. Because there are no layers of expense to pay a commission…more of our client’s money gets to work.


Think about where someone’s paycheck comes from, and that will tell you quite a bit about where their loyalty lies. In our case, it is perfectly transparent to each client exactly what are earning for the services we provide. We take pride in this, and believe it is the cornerstone for strong client relationships.

Higher Standard

Fee based investment advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to choose investments that are in your best interest. This is a much higher standard than that imposed on commission based brokerage arrangements, and we welcome that higher standard as being congruent with our firm’s philosophy and culture.