Most of our clients that are located in the Central Pennsylvania area like to conduct their financial planning meetings in our Lancaster or Hershey offices. However, we also service many clients located all over the country. Over the years, we have added clients living in Florida, Delaware, Arizona, and California and provided service to them through technology systems that allow us to conduct virtual meetings anywhere in the country.

Through the use of Client Portals, Computer Sharing and Web Meetings, there are literally no geographical limits to how or where we can serve our clients. At Planning Strategies, we pride ourselves on the level of personal service we provide, and that service is no longer limited by bricks and mortar.

If you are located outside Central PA and would like to learn more about how Planning Strategies can provide technology-based service to your Financial Planning and Wealth Management needs, please give us a call. Our Advisor Assistant Tara Cruz can walk you through a quick and easy demonstration of our technology systems and show you how we can provide personal financial care to you, wherever you are. Tara can be reached at (717) 207-7123, or by email at tara@visitpsionline.com.