Whether your needs are financial planning, retirement analysis or investment management, our Financial Advisors are here to help.

Fee-based Investment Advisory and Management

We believe in fee-based, goal-driven investment management. The investment solution that we prepare for you will be custom made to match your financial goals and needs whether that be retiring at a certain age, maintaining a certain lifestyle, or helping a family member with education costs.

We pride ourselves in the customized work we provide to each of our clients. We do not believe in a “cookie cutter” approach, which is all too often found within the financial services world. Instead, we feel that a unique approach should be used for each client relationship. We work with each of our clients to develop a benchmark and investment strategy to fit their unique financial needs, goals and risk tolerance.

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Financial and Retirement Planning

We believe that the cornerstone of achieving financial goals or successful retirement is a thorough financial plan. Because every client of our firm is unique, we employ a systematic process of analyzing our client’s goals and challenges. We then find the appropriate combination of solutions to meet their challenges and attain their financial goals. This path towards Financial Peace of Mind can be outlined in four specific steps:

  1. Establishing Goals and Expectations
  2. Analyzing and Evaluating our Clients Financial Status
  3. Developing and Implementing the Financial Plan
  4. Ongoing Monitoring of the Financial Plan

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Developing Optimal Social Security Strategies

Many individuals struggle when facing the task of signing up for Social Security. They are confronted with so many bewildering rules and regulations that they don’t know where to begin, or even whom to ask for help. Because everyone’s situation is different, the government has adopted numerous rules and regulations in an attempt to encompass the subtleties of different situations. This has ultimately caused the system to become very complicated and daunting to understand.

Our advisors are prepared to help you gain an understanding of the big picture, explain how all the pieces fit together to provide a safe and secure retirement, and assist you in making good strategic decisions.

Qualified Plan Design, Implementation, and Service

A competitive retirement benefits package is an important component in attracting and retaining quality employees for your business. Understanding your company’s goals and needs is the first step in designing and implementing a successful Qualified Retirement Plan.

If you sponsor a Qualified Retirement Plan, you have a fiduciary responsibility to your employees to maintain a retirement plan that has appropriate, cost effective and properly diversified investment options.  We can provide a thorough and unbiased analysis and review of your current Qualified Plan, focused on ensuring the quality, cost efficiency and proper diversification of the investment options within the plan.

We also offer services for employers looking to create a new Qualified Plan for their business.  We can walk you through the entire process, from Plan Design all the way to implementation and employee education.  Working directly with platform vendors, record keepers and TPA’s allows us to provide you the most efficient and cost effective program available.