Within the financial services industry, there is a big difference between selling products and providing advice. The cornerstone philosophy of our firm is that before any investment is recommended there should to be a thorough planning process that comes first.

In other words, the plan should dictate the solutions.

How does the process work?

Because every client of our firm is unique, we employ a systematic process of analyzing our client’s goals and challenges. We then find the appropriate combination of solutions to meet their challenges and attain their financial goals. This path towards Financial Peace of Mind can be outlined in four specific steps:

  1. Establishing Goals and Expectations

    Communication is the key to this first step. Before our process can begin, the desired outcome of the financial plan is clearly defined and the client’s and planner’s responsibilities must be understood. This starts with the gathering of statements and documents, as well as a thorough discussion of what our client seeks to attain from their financial plan.

  2. Analyzing and Evaluating our Clients Financial Status

    This step is designed to provide an accurate understanding of our client’s present financial situation. It includes analyzing assets and liabilities, cash flow, debt management, investment strategies, risk management and consideration of any special needs. More importantly, it will also include less tangible aspects such as considering our clients risk tolerance, goals, values and priorities.

  3. Developing and Implementing the Financial Plan

    Our firm will prepare a financial plan that reflects our client’s values, temperament and risk tolerance. We will take the time to carefully review and explain each plan with our clients, so that they fully understand their overall financial picture and understand what they need to do to fulfill their goals and objectives. At Planning Strategies, we feel it is imperative that we assist in implementing appropriate recommendations. This often involves working closely with our client’s accountants, attorneys, mortgage brokers and insurance agents.

  4. Ongoing Monitoring of the Financial Plan

    Implementation of the plan is really only the beginning. Life is an ever changing journey and regular monitoring and re-evaluation of a financial plan is essential. As relevant tax law changes, economic developments and personal circumstances change, we will be there to advise and counsel our clients. At Planning Strategies, we plan to grow along with our clients. When you become our client, you become part of our family!