Planning Strategies, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Steven Mitchell and Scott Smith. The continued growth and success of the firm is attributed to the core principles Planning Strategies strives to achieve:


Planning Strategies provides impartial, professional financial advice. We utilize a fee based structure; the revenues we derive are advisory fees from our clients. This fee structure creates an environment where there is never a conflict of interest between compensation and the recommendations we make for our clients.

Quality Service

We take pride in successfully blending the support and strength of large organizations, with the service, attention, and dedication that only an independent hometown firm can bring.

Financial Planning Should Dictate the Financial Solution

The cornerstone philosophy of our firm is that before any financial solution is recommended there should be a thorough planning process that comes first. In other words, you can’t get where you are going until you know where you are starting.

Personalized and Customized Investment Management

We believe in goal-based investment management. The investment solution that we prepare for you will be custom made to match your financial goals and needs whether that be retiring at a certain age, maintaining a certain lifestyle, or helping a family member with education costs.