Planning Strategies is a holistic planning and investment management firm. We believe that to do a proper job of investing and guiding our clients, we need to know that person’s goals and needs. Therefore we encourage all potential clients to undergo the financial\retirement planning and analysis process with us prior to investing their money. Clients are then encouraged to review these plans periodically, to ensure the plan remains pertinent to their goals and external events.

As a result of our extensive process, a custom portfolio and benchmark is developed for each client. This benchmark represents their strategic investment plan. No two clients have the same portfolios. The underlying philosophy driving the process is that of Modern Portfolio Theory. Morningstar Office is our portfolio reporting and research tool. With this system, we develop and monitor the client’s overall portfolio. Emphasis is placed on developing the portfolio with an eye toward risk mitigation.

Mutual funds are by far the dominant investment utilized to populate portfolios. Individual equities, individual bonds, ETF’s and other investment vehicles are also used when appropriate or requested by the client. Quarterly reviews are conducted with clients, in which market analysis, portfolio positioning and individual investment performance is reviewed. The emphasis is on adherence to the strategic plan. Any individual investment asset deemed to be underperforming is specifically addressed and targeted for further scrutiny or replacement. The need for tactical deviation from the overall strategic plan is explored. Together we reach consensus as to future action.

Individualized client service and extensive communication, as well as ongoing education, are the core elements we provide to our client family.