Good Retirement Savings Habits Before Age 40

Some early financial behaviors that may promote a comfortable future.    You know you should start saving for retirement before you turn 40. What can you start doing today to make that effort more productive, to improve your chances of ending up with more retirement money, rather than less? Structure your budget with the future in

The Rise of the Fee-Based Financial Professional

A huge shift is underway, with the client in mind.   A wave of change is transforming the financial services profession. The shift has been gradual, but noticeable. Increasingly, financial professionals are choosing to be compensated, partly or wholly, through fees rather than through commissions. This is a real change from the old status quo. In

Why the Brexit Should Not Rattle Investors

Wall Street has rebounded so many times, so quickly. Uncertainty is the hobgoblin of financial markets. Right now, investors are contending with it daily as the European Union contends with the United Kingdom’s apparent exit. Globally, many institutional investors have responded to this uncertainty by selling. Should American retirement savers follow their lead? They may