The Things Most Likely to Kill Us

What are the biggest risks to our lives? Some are overblown. What are the major risks to our lives? If we look at the statistics of what claims lives, some of our collective fears look unfounded. According to the Centers for Disease Control’s most recent tally, 614,438 Americans died of heart disease in 2014, and

Monthly Economic Update – May 2016

THE MONTH IN BRIEF The S&P 500 managed to advance 0.27% in April as many companies beat earnings and revenue forecasts. Some important commodities posted remarkable monthly gains. Existing home sales rebounded, and manufacturing seemed to have recovered from its winter slump. Hiring continued to impress, but consumer spending figures and consumer confidence indices did

Advancing Toward Your Career Goals

Should you change jobs in pursuit of them? Or position yourself in a new way at work? Is your career unfolding as it should? If not, maybe it is time for a change; either a change of jobs, or a change in your role at your workplace. Pay attention to the signals of a stalled

Puerto Rico Defaults

The island’s debt crisis worsens. Will Congress act before July 1? On May 2, Puerto Rico defaulted on its debt again. As it managed to negotiate with some of its creditors, its Government Development Bank did pay part of the $422 million it owed this week, but about $270 million in payments were missed.1,2 Puerto

Should You Downsize for Retirement?

Some retirees save a great deal of money by doing so; others do not. You want to retire, and you own a large home that is nearly or fully paid off. The kids are gone, but the upkeep costs haven’t fallen. Should you retire and keep your home? Or sell your home and retire? Maybe

What Are You Getting for the Fees You Are Paying?

As you invest, are you receiving the service and resources you deserve? How much do you pay for wealth management? About $1,000 a month? More than that? If your account is $1 million or larger, that may be the case. Typically, wealth management firms provide their services for an annual fee approximating 1% of the