The Lottery Is No Retirement Plan

Pay yourself first instead, with your future in mind.   Powerball fever swept across America last week, with a record jackpot of $1.5 billion eventually being split by three winners in the January 13 drawing. Millions lined up for lottery tickets, hoping to realize their dreams of being rich, independent, and carefree.1,2 This infinitesimal chance

When Will Stocks Stabilize?

How deep will this correction ultimately be? January may prove to be the worst month for stocks in eight years. The S&P 500 just corrected for the second time in five months, and some investors think the bull market may be ending.1,2 Bull markets do end, and the current one is nearly seven years old,

Making and Keeping Financial Resolutions

What you might do (or do differently) in the months ahead? How will your money habits change in 2016? What decisions or behaviors might help your personal finances, your retirement prospects, or your net worth? Each year presents a “clean slate,” so as one year ebbs into another, it is natural to think about what

Why You Should Stay in Stocks in 2016

One bad trading day is not the year. The stock market has wavered recently. A lackluster year just ended, and this year has started inauspiciously. You may be wondering … should you really be invested in stocks right now?  Yes, you should be. In moments like these, investors should not panic and overreact to the

China’s Stock Market Turmoil

Can U.S. shares hold up in the wake of January’s shocks?   On January 7, China halted stock trading for the second time in four days. The benchmark Shanghai Composite sank 7.0% on January 4 and dropped 7.3% three days later, both times activating a new circuit-breaker rule that stopped the trading session.1 Markets worldwide