The Pros & Cons Of Roth IRA Conversions

What are the potential benefits? What are the drawbacks? If you own a traditional IRA, perhaps you have thought about converting it to a Roth IRA. Going Roth makes sense for some traditional IRA owners, but not all. Why go Roth? There is an assumption behind every Roth IRA conversion – a belief that income

Ways To Repair Your Credit Score

Steps to get your credit rating back toward 720.                       We all know the value of a good credit score. We all try to maintain one. Sometimes, though, life throws us a financial curve and that score declines. What steps can we take to repair it? Reduce your credit utilization ratio (CUR). CUR is credit industry

Terrorism & The Financial Markets

Wall Street has the potential to recover quickly from geopolitical shocks. The worst terrorist attack in Europe since 2004 has rattled governments and investors. The French government has closed the nation’s borders and placed thousands of soldiers on the streets of the country’s major cities. As an anxious world watches the response of France (and

Dealing with Sudden Retirement

How ready are you? What if you are laid off or forced into retirement before 65, or even before 60? If that happens to you, what do you do in response now that the next phase of your life is starting sooner than you planned? As a first step, gauge where you stand financially. It

2016 Contribution Limits

Tame yearly inflation means very little change. Over the past 12 months, consumer prices have increased very little. The latest Consumer Price Index (September) shows 0.0% yearly inflation and only 1.9% core yearly inflation. That means no cost-of-living adjustment for Social Security, and very few IRS adjustments to retirement plan contribution limits. Roth IRA &

Do Our Biases Affect Our Financial Choices?

Even the most seasoned investors are prone to their influence. Investors are routinely warned about allowing their emotions to influence their decisions.  They are less routinely cautioned about letting their preconceptions and biases color their financial choices. In a battle between the facts & our preconceptions, our preconceptions may win. If we acknowledge this tendency,

Your Annual Financial To-Do List

What financial, business or life priorities do you need to address for 2016? Now is a good time to think about the investing, saving or budgeting methods you could employ toward specific objectives. Some year-end financial moves may help you pursue those goals as well. Make a Charitable Gift Before New Year’s Day. You can