Planning Strategies, Inc. is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) providing holistic financial planning and personalized fee-based investment management. We take pride in successfully blending the support and strength of large organizations, with the service, attention, and dedication that only an independent hometown firm can bring.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Our team approach will help you achieve your financial goals.

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Our Services

Our Services

Whether your needs are financial planning, retirement analysis or investment management, our Financial Advisors are here to help.

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Why Fee-Based?

Why Fee-Based?

Transparency and unbiased financial advice are the building blocks to healthy, long term relationship.

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2016 PSI Annual Client Appreciation Event

Let us show our appreciation for our continued relationship with a fun night filled with Food, Drinks and Football! The 2016 PSI Annual Client Appreciation Event is a tailgating-themed party culminating in the Penn State vs Ohio State football game! Doors open at 7pm and game starts at 8pm.  Tailgate food with Beer & Wine,


When Is Social Security Income Taxable?

The answer depends on your income. Your Social Security income could be taxed. That may seem unfair, or unfathomable. Regardless of how you feel about it, it is a possibility. Seniors have had to contend with this possibility since 1984. Social Security benefits became taxable above certain yearly income thresholds in that year. Frustratingly for


The Trump & Clinton Tax Plans

How do they differ? Seemingly every presidential candidate offers a plan for tax reform. You can add Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to that long list. Here is a look at their plans, and the key reforms to federal tax law that might result if they were enacted. Donald Trump revised his tax plan this


Filial Responsibility Laws

Could you be required to provide financial support to your parents? Imagine your parents outliving their money. A terrible thought, right? Should this occur, there will be one of two outcomes. Either your parents will move in with you (or someone else), or your parents will become indigent. Hopefully, your parents have saved, invested, and


Women Must Plan For Their Financial Future

Think about tomorrow, not just today. No woman wants to end up impoverished, out of options, left to fend for herself on the streets. Only a tiny percentage of women from affluent households will experience this retirement nightmare, but that does not mean the risk should be dismissed. This is the financial circumstance you may

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Think About Your Lifestyle Before You Retire

Sometimes planning for retirement isn’t entirely about money. How many words have been written about retirement? It’s a preoccupation for many, and we devote so much time, thought, and energy toward saving for the last day we go to work. Saving and investing in such a way that we no longer have to work may


Stocks & Presidential Elections

What does history tell us – and should we value it?  As an investor, you know that past performance is no guarantee of future success. Expanding that truth, history has no bearing on the future of Wall Street. That said, stock market historians have repeatedly analyzed market behavior in presidential election years, and what stocks


Good Retirement Savings Habits Before Age 40

Some early financial behaviors that may promote a comfortable future.    You know you should start saving for retirement before you turn 40. What can you start doing today to make that effort more productive, to improve your chances of ending up with more retirement money, rather than less? Structure your budget with the future in


The Rise of the Fee-Based Financial Professional

A huge shift is underway, with the client in mind.   A wave of change is transforming the financial services profession. The shift has been gradual, but noticeable. Increasingly, financial professionals are choosing to be compensated, partly or wholly, through fees rather than through commissions. This is a real change from the old status quo. In